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Simplify & Enhance Your Early Talent Hiring. Leap helps you find your company’s future.

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Tap Into Future Talent With One Of The Best Job Posting Sites: Leap

Say No to a long and exhausting recruitment process.

Join leap, an all-in-one internship job posting site for hiring companies in North America. Post jobs for students, graduates or postgraduates, in simple and quick steps.

Shortlist and hire talent that’s right for your business.

Simplifying Posting Jobs Online Using Leap

Diversify your workforce
by sourcing qualified
students & graduates.

Leap helps companies access a diverse talent pool of more than 20,000 students & recent graduates from different backgrounds. Utilize our wide range of search filters to headhunt from the most-culturally diverse generation and talent pool in North America.

Accelerate the hiring
process for your early
talent roles.

Leap expedites the hiring process, even for highly specialized job roles. Post jobs for students and hire faster than other portals. Our algorithm analyzes applicant profiles, ranks them by job fit, and sorts them into tiers for you.

Establish a unique
and approachable company

The online jobs posting portal gives you access to a host of tools and resources. Helps employers showcase their company’s brand with custom profile layouts that appeal to your audience and host live events.

Reduce employee
turnover by ensuring
chemistry and culture fit.

Get a feel for every applicant’s personality and their potential chemistry, thanks to insightful videos on student profiles. Attracting talent for your company that stays loyal for years.

What Leap Brings to Employers & Hiring Managers

Close Positions Faster

Hire faster than via most other job postings online. From an entry-level to bulk hirings, access the growing talent database of 20K+ job seekers.

Build a Talent Pipeline

If not now, then maybe later! Acquire top talent for future job openings. Connect and engage with pre-screened and qualified candidates.

Boost Productivity

Easy integration with Lever, Workday, Dayforce, Greenhouse and other recruitment software. Scale and automate up your talent acquisition efforts.

Don’t miss out on the rising talent others are hiring

Sign up and source from our diverse talent pool of 20,000+ students.

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